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Vietnamese Visa Policy and Procedures

Article 13 of Decree No. 92/2007/ND-CP

International travel agencies have the right to request that a competent state agency (the Vietnam Immigration Department, or VID) approve the entry, exit, or transit of tourists as stated in Article 13 of Decree No. 92/2007/ND-CP. This decree details the implementation of a number of the Articles of the Laws on Tourism, including regulations regarding the rights and obligations of international tourist agencies. International travel agencies, therefore, can legally request the VID’s assistance in approving visa Approval Letters for their tourist clients.

Article 13. Rights and obligations of international travel enterprises

  • An international travel enterprise has the following rights:
    • To enjoy business autonomy and take responsibility for tourism business activities;
    • To request a competent state agency to approve the entry, exit or transit of tourists;
    • To have their lawful tourism business activities protected by the State;
    • To participate in tourism promotion activities; join in professional associations;
    • Other rights provided for by law.
  • An international travel enterprise has the following obligations:
    • To setup, register and conduct its business in accordance with law;
    • To employ only tourist guides who possess international tourists guide’s cards toguide foreign tourists and observe regulations on the employment of laborers;
    • To notify the provincial-level state agency charge of tourism of the replacement of its travel business administrator within 30 days after such replacement;
    • To monitor and make full and accurate statistics on the number of tourists to whom it has provided tourism services;
    • To assure the conditions for, an interests of, tourists in accordance with the concluded agreements;
    • Other obligations prescribed by law.

Visa Exemption

While applying for Vietnam visa, each visitor must hold a passport which is valid for 6 months. But the visitors holding passport issued by certain countries can visit Vietnam without visa. For instance, citizens of Philippines can visit the country for 21 days and citizens of Myanmar and Brunei can visit Vietnam for 14 days without visa. Likewise, the citizens of Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Finland, and Sweden can visit Vietnam for 15 days without visa. Hence, each visitor can avail visa exemption based on his nationality and duration of the trip. Please check the list of the Visa Exemption Countries.

Visa Categories - Single / Multiple Entry Point Visa

Each visitor can travel to Vietnam on either single entry point visa or multiple entry point visa. The single entry point visa allows the visitors to enter and exit Vietnam only once during the validity period. The visa expires automatically once the visitor leaves Vietnam. On the other hand, multiple entry point visa allows the holder to enter and exit the country several times till the visa expires. The tourists can always consider visiting Vietnam with single entry point visa. On the other hand, the people travelling to Vietnam for business or study purposes must consider applying for multiple entry point visa.

Vietnam Visa Sub Categories

The international visitors can further travel to Vietnam on either e-visa or pre-arranged visa. The country recently launched an electronic visa system that enables citizens of 40 countries to obtain single entry visa. The international visitor has to pay US$25 to obtain the single entry visa which is valid for 30 days. At the same time, an international visitor can also travel to Vietnam through a visa letter issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Department. However, the visa letter must be stamped in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, or Hanoi. The visitor can obtain pre-arranged visa letter through several Vietnamese travel agents.

Visa on Arrival

Many international visitors find it easier to apply for Vietnam visa online. There are a number of Vietnamese travel agents who help international tourists to apply for Vietnam visa online and obtain visa on arrival. However, the visitor must apply for visa on arrival much before his scheduled trip. Based on the information provided by the tourist, the online visa processing service provider will obtain a visa letter from the Vietnamese Immigration Department. Please check Visa on Arrival

P.S check Immigration department of Vietnam for any recent update.

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