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Vietnam eVisa application status

Welcome to the Vietnam eVisa Application Status Check page. Here, you can effortlessly track the progress of your Vietnam eVisa application to ensure everything is moving smoothly towards your upcoming trip to Vietnam.

To begin tracking your eVisa status, you'll need two key pieces of information:

  • Application ID: Provided to you via email when you initially submitted your eVisa application. 
  • Security CAPTCHA: To protect you and verify that a human is making the request, we require you to solve a simple text-based CAPTCHA.

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Steps to Follow:

  • Enter Your Application ID: Input it into the designated field on the form.
  • Solve the CAPTCHA: Please enter the characters as they are shown to confirm your request.
  • Submit: After correctly entering the Application ID and the CAPTCHA, click the "Submit" button to proceed.