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Laotian Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam

Every country has different embassies of every other country in them to increase the level of interaction between these countries. Embassies are commonly located in the capital cities of every country. Hanoi is the city of Vietnam in which the Embassy of Laos is situated.

Every embassy certainly has a Chief or a Head called as the Head of Mission. The Head of Mission of the embassy of Laos is Mr Thongsavanh Phomvihane, Ambassador. Being in a different country for tourism or for any other purpose requires you to verify or compose several documents and for this purpose you might need some assistance. An embassy is a place where you can have all of the legalities done lawfully with all the consular services provided by the embassy. You must check schedules from the embassy’s respective website to visit it and make sure to have an appointment first.


Head of Mission: Mr Thongsavanh Phomvihane, Ambassador

COVID-19 Statistics-Laos
Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease the Laotian Embassy in Hanoi could have adjusted its office hours or services. Please do confirm personally.

Tourists Details
Tourists are always in search of beautiful and attractive places to visit. Laos is a quite popular place for tourism as it has a number of historical places, and many other eye-catchy spots for tourists. There are a lot of tourists that visit Laos almost every year.

Consular Services
There are many consular services that the embassy of Laos offers to the tourists. The most common services are visa or passport processing, marriage registration along with document legalization as well. In addition to this, Vietnam has representations in Laos. All the consular services are equally provided to visitors in Vietnam from the embassy of Laos or to visitors in Laos from the embassy of Vietnam. These consulate services are listed below:

  • Process passport applications
  • Process visa applications
  • Notarizing documents
  • Legalization of documents
  • Absentee Tazkera
  • Issuing emergency travel documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth Certificate
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Application forms
  • Authentication of documents

Visa types granted by Laos are;

In case you need some references, here are a few articles that could be beneficial.

To make contact with the embassy, you can simply make appointments using the contact number and email provided on the official website of that embassy. Making appointments is compulsory to pay visits and for that purpose you should check the schedules too which are also present on the website.


* It might case this information is no longer correct, please help us to Update information for Laotian Embassy in Hanoi.

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